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This hay spear from Storm Attachments features design and quality unlike anything else seen in the industry. Both spears are fully adjustable allowing you unlimited variations of spear positioning. Spears are mounted near the bottom of the back frame allowing this hay spear to double as a light duty set of pallet forks! The tall 36" back on this hay spear lends excellent stability and protection for operators. Find your dealer today and put this incredible attachment to work for you!

NOTE: These forks are not meant for removing concrete or stumps etc. See our Glacier 7000 lb forks for this type of extreme use.

Product Specs:

  • 3000 LB Capacity

  • 42" Spear Length

  • 1.75"x 1.75" Spear Dimensions

  • 3/8" Frame Rails

  • 1/4" Rack and Frame Sides

  • 3/8" Frame Quick Attach 

More photos coming soon!

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