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This is the Extreme Duty Grapple Bucket by Glacier Attachments. If you are looking for a grapple bucket that will never let you down then your search has ended. Demolition? Construction? No sweat. This grapple features complete cylinder protection and fully enclosed dual cylinder operation that can handle uneven loads with ease. The 1" high carbon cutting edge delivers maximum rigidity and will never bend under pressure. Bolt on sides increase versatility and enables you to use this grapple for a wide variety of applications. The bottom of the bucket is constructed of solid 3/8" steel with eight 1/2" vertical reinforcement wear bars. Comes fully powder coated and equipped with hoses and couplers. Available in 72", 78", 84" and 96" widths.

Product Specs:

  • 3/8" Solid Steel Bottom

  • 1"x 8" Cutting Edge

  • 1/2" Sides

  • 3/8" Removable Side Plates

  • 5/8" Grapple Claw Sides

  • 3/8" Quick Attach

  • 3/8" Quick Attach Reinforcement

  • Powder Coat Finish

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