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Glacier Attachments 1-year Limited Warranty and Safety Disclaimer



All Glacier and Storm attachment products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty against factory defects. This Warranty does not cover any merchandise or components of an attachment that, in the opinion of Glacier Attachments, have been subject to misuse, modifications or alterations not specifically authorized by Glacier, or any damage due to an accident or any repair to the attachment that has not been made with parts obtained from or authorized by Glacier.


Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Warranty, in the event of an occurrence of a defect in material and/or workmanship in an attachment during the applicable warranty period, such Covered Product (or part thereof) will be repaired or replaced at Glacier’s option. Upon Glacier’s request, the defective attachment (or part thereof) shall be returned PRE-PAID to Glacier for inspection at the location specified by Glacier. Any claim of a Warranty Event (a “Warranty Claim”) must be submitted within 1 year of the purchase date on the receipt obtained by the Glacier attachments dealer. Whether the attachment or part is a legitimate warranty claim or the result of misuse, mishandling, alteration or damage, is the sole discretion of Glacier Attachments.


Safety Disclaimer:


All heavy machinery should be used with extreme care and caution. All Glacier products with a higher risk of injury (such as brush cutters) are labeled with added precautions and should be carefully adhered to. All Glacier products are to be used at one’s own risk. Any incident involving Glacier Attachment products resulting in serious injury or death (whether labeled or not), is not the responsibility of Glacier Attachments. By purchasing a Glacier product, you agree to the terms set forth in this disclaimer.

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