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All Glacier and Storm products come with a non-transferable 2 year parts warranty from the date of end user purchase. This warranty covers manufacturer defects such as broken welds, defective hydraulic cylinders/motors/gearboxes etc. Bending or any other like failure due to operator error or using our products beyond their limitations or intended purpose is not covered under this warranty. 
Hydraulic hoses, that are damaged by the operator, are not covered under this warranty.
Fork ratings are for evenly distributed loads at a 24" load center. Bent fork blades after use are not covered under this warranty.
If your damaged product falls under warranty, we will send you the necessary parts free of charge. The user is responsible for replacing the damaged parts. In the unlikely event that a weld breaks, Glacier will refund you the cost of getting the repair done locally. Glacier must be notified BEFORE the repair is done. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the warranty claim.

Whether of not an issue is the result of a manufacture defect or abuse/operator error, is solely the  discretion of Glacier Attachments. As this line is often very fine, remember that Glacier Attachments is in the business of making happy customers. And that, within reason, we will make every effort to make the issue resolved. Please be aware that the only case in which a full attachment will be completely replaced is only after attempts have been made to repair it and/or at the discretion of Glacier Attachments.

There is no warranty on the attachment finish. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless authorized differently, the end user or issuing dealer is responsible for transport of the defective item(s) to Glacier Attachments for inspection and potential repair.

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