When the job your working calls for more than just "standard duty", look to big brother. Introducing the Extreme Duty line of buckets by Glacier. This bucket is engineered for the extreme duty application where downtime is no option. The 1/4" body is reinforced with 1/2" and 5/8"steel to deliver a rigid and virtually unbendable frame. We then added a welded cutting edge and topped that with a 3/4" bolt on cutting edge, both made of high strength carbon steel. At the top of the mounting plate you will find 1/2" steel vertical gussets to ensure it never bends under pressure. It's a beast, and it's called the Extreme Duty Bucket by Glacier.

*This bucket is also available with pin on HD replaceable teeth.(See Pictures).

Product Specs:

  • 5/8" Side Reinforment

  • 1/4" Wrap

  • 1/2" Weld On Cutting Edge

  • 3/4" Bolt On Cutting Edge

  • 1/2" Quick Attach And Reinforcement

  • 1/2" Wear Bars

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