If you are looking for an indestructible grapple that's engineered with the forestry and brush clearing application in mind, this is the grapple for you. Constructed of premium 5/8" steel, it features unparalleled protection for your hydraulic cylinders, pistons, and hoses. The unique cylinder armor allows for 100% protection during all phases of the grapple extension and retraction. Comes fully powder coated and equipped with American made hydraulic couplers and hoses.


Product Specs:

  • 5/8" Tines

  • 9" Tine Spacing

  • 5/8" Grapple Claw Sides

  • Heavy Reinforcement and Gusseting

  • Guards for Cylinder and Rod

  • 66", 72", 78", 84", And 96" Widths 

  • Powder Coat Finish

  • Complete with hoses and couplers

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