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The Storm snow pusher is just what you need to keep you're drive or lot cleared this coming winter.

It features a 27" tall moldboard and sides. The sides extend 30" in total and are reinforced with our advanced angled side supports. Our side reinforcement design provides stronger support as well as increased performance and durability. The shoes measure a full 5" wide and are constructed using 1/4" steel. This attachment is available in 5', 6', and 7' widths and comes standard with pull bar for back dragging snow away form garage doors etc. All of our snow pushers come standard with replaceable cutting edges that are  adjustable and reversible (you can choose between rubber or steel depending on you're environment). 

In addition, we also use Lexel sealant in-between  the welds on the channel tops. This keeps moister from getting trapped inside the channel and rusting.

Recommended for machines up to 75 HP.

Not for commercial snow plowing.

Product Specs:

  • 10 Gauge Moldboard

  • 3/8" Quick Attach Upper and Lower Plates

  • 3" Moldboard Channel Support

  • Lexel on channel to resist trapped moister 

  • 27" Height

  • 5', 6', and 7' Widths

  • Standard pull bar

  • 3/8"x 7" Steel Cutting Edge (For Pull Bar)

  • 5"x 1/4" Shoes

  • Choose between 3/8"X6" steel or 1"X6" rubber cutting edge

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